How to Write an English Essay Paper

To write an excellent English essay, you need to know what to include and what not to include. Then, you must outline your work and write a rough draft. Next, write a second draft. And finally, proofread your paper. This will make sure that you have written the best essay possible.


An outline for an English essay is a helpful tool that allows students to structure their essay before writing it. The goal of an outline is concision. Too many unnecessary words or tangential discussion topics can distract readers. The outline also serves as an organizational tool. It helps students avoid making a final draft that doesn’t match the assignment’s requirements.

In addition to an introduction, the essay body should also be outlined. This part of the outline should include three sub-sections. The first section should include the thesis statement and the main point. The second section should include supporting evidence and details. Each supporting element should have its line or sub-section.

Creating a rough draft

Writing a rough draft can be like building a puzzle. It helps you organize ideas and group them most effectively. A rough draft also helps you identify problems with your work. The problem areas may be plot holes or organizational problems. Without writing, it is difficult to see these problems.

The first step in writing a rough draft is thinking about your ideas and the tone you want to create. Remember that a rough draft should be as long as the final version. This can be a challenge for many writers, but it can also help you see how much work is needed to create a finished draft. After writing the rough draft, you can then go back and refine your language, develop an explanation of quotations, and develop the connections between ideas. When writing a rough draft, it is essential to be clear and precise in language.

Creating a rough draft of an English paper can help you understand the assignment’s requirements. It would help if you outlined your ideas to organize each paragraph properly. A draft is not the final version, so it is essential to make changes before proofreading and editing. It is also important to make sure your essay is appropriately structured.

I am writing a second draft.

An excellent way to speed up the writing process is to write an outline. An outline will help you organize your ideas, keep the forward momentum of your first draft, and express your ideas more clearly. The outline does not have to start with the introduction; you can start with the essay’s most specific or complex parts. Think of your outline as a road map.

Your second draft should be much better organized. Try to group your significant points and find evidence to support each one. Make sure to explain how you came to conclusions from the information you gathered. Professors appreciate strong arguments that draw logical conclusions. Avoid using “softeners,” which weaken your arguments.


To proofread an English essay, you should take a few steps. For one, you need to learn about punctuation and grammar rules. You can also ask someone to proofread your work for you. This person should be an impartial individual with a background in English.

Aside from spelling and grammar, you should also pay attention to typography. Using a spell checker can help you spot errors in your writing. For example, you may have confused a word with another one. You may have also missed a comma. It would be best if you took notes as you proofread so that you will know what you missed. It’s also a good idea to make a checklist of the errors you find and correct them.

Another tip is to use the same verb tense throughout the essay. Shifting verb tenses can make your essay difficult to read. For example, a word used twice in the past will sound different from the same word in a different tense.

Taking a break

Writing an English essay can be a demanding task. You may find it difficult to concentrate on your task unless you take a break. Taking a break helps you avoid wasting time and energy and allows you to refocus. Try to take at least five minutes of break after every hour of work. Taking breaks will not only allow you to recharge your batteries, but it will also allow you to revise your work.

When writing an essay, you may need a change of scenery to focus your mind. Try working in a quiet place such as a library or a coffee shop. You can also use noise-canceling headphones to reduce any background noise.